Welcome to my drournal (dream journal), feel free to psychoanalyse me

Ghost stuff

entire dreams in this cool colourful blobotexturey place, there are outside bits but its all this huge building, like a arcology

Theres an open area where a big group of people making this big gasoline bomfire
I'm like 'no this is gonna go kaboom'
Then these big rotating face orbs appear in the sky so we leave and get on coaches
I drop my phone and pick it up, someone else’s phones there on the ground next to it so I hand it back to its owner. lets call her amy. shes one of those popular girls that are popular because theyre really nice
I return it to her

then we die or something idk it was probably the fuckin bomfire
idk I'm a ghost
bunch of other ghosts n we form a support network, we hang out in the bus a lot
then theres another part where I'm hanging out not on the bus
theres a group of alive ppl that know about us n can communicate like oujiboard style but more taskforce-y, and there like a network that allows ghosts to keep having rights and stuff,
like lending bodies for possessions so they can do a job or stuff
at one point someone finds a phone we can take selfies on

they tell me via tv show that I need to find someone specific, lets call her Laura. Random lady.
so I go, and when I get to their house place in the blobcology, there are other ghosts with me rn, but were looking around n cant find Laura anywhere, theres this door I can pull open so everyone helps and it opens a bit and we peer in and we all get fucking shot in the head
mysterious shooty guy leaves through front door
one of us, lets call her Cara, she manages to avoid getting shot and is freaking out. (pov switch to her) task force lady (jess? she reminds me of spiderwoman) is like “shit, I thought hed left, maybe Laura is still safe, but you need to run” so I'm sprinting back to the bus where apparently ill be safe, gun ppl in chase, they shoot ghost killimg marbles n theyve been spilling everywhere
running through a crowd while invisible is difficult but I was launching myself off pedestrians and that combined with being a little bit faster than them because no air resistance, I made it to the bus and slammed the door shut
much to the chargrin of the lady trying to get on
there was way more to it than this but the subtleties are lost on my waking self



It’s a Tolkienesque situation, first bit I can remember was walking through a field, where I can see lots of people all traveling in the same direction. lots of gnomes and elves and stuff. I can’t remember how I ended up in the next place, but it was an underground castle hall place, with lots of ornamental stone work.
Theres huge iron octahedron in the middle, also very detailed. Theres this little gnome wizard who does some magic stuff, and it splits open like ramiel evangelion to reveal its full of orcs.
Orcs more like dungeon meshi orcs, they’re nicer and are doing a lot of crafting metalwork and stuff.
Then somehow, I ended up in a race. race went through this weird square tunnel made of wood and bamboo, then later was more like a ruin bridge like an aqueduct but with no water. so, a bridge.
but it stops halfway over the lake, and I have to jump down.

Smoke Snakes

Idk when from
Crude drawing of my dream, where snakes made of smoke circle the countryside and lie across roads. Next part shows me and my mum in a car,, where she says 'wow all this smoke makes it hard to drive'. The car then hops over the snake

Fishpeople Exodus

no clue where the setting is. Some sort of fucked up boarding school environment.

Lots of rooms, possibly like individual flats but access through them. Like if you lived in a house where every room is someone’s bedroom.
Anyway, there’s a big bunch of ppl that I'm struggling to remember the names from so I go into this guy’s room, he’s pretty punky and his rooms messy
anyway, I grab this infographic of everyone’s faces and names and leave. I don’t touch anything else I JUST nick the info. It’s a handy leaflet and I begin learning about who’s around and what’s going on from it. It’s meant to be like a communal info passed around everyone anyway so it’s not even stealing.

Later on, the guy from the room finds me and is kinda like non too threateningly telling me he knows he was in my room and that he has cameras.
like haha gotcha, not exactly pissed, clearly didn’t want me there but more so is just enjoying telling someone off.
So, I kinda react like aw no I only nicked the name sheet thing. Wasn’t messing with your stuff I prommy.

later there’s some stuff with fish ppl in an ice cavern hole thing, trying to get to somewhere specific but have decided to go through an INCREDIBLY HAZARDOUS route instead.
One kid went missing like ages ago fell into this ice cavern hole thing.
the other fish ppl are like 'welp, he's dead' and continue on their way because fishpeople are pussies and have no sense of loyalty.

I (fishperson main character. Not actually me.) decide to go find him and slip n slide down the actual crevasse we are navigating.
I find him and some other random wizard teacher guy who’s down there has given him legs and are trying to escape the hole. He gives me legs too. I'm like, 'Fantastic! this is not an easier form of motion since I do not know how to use legs'
Anyway we learn how to walk and escape the caves (yay!)

Fish society abandoned us plus we have legs now, so we go to this nice cabin hut thing next to a lake instead.
We go swimming in lake its real fun and we’re really good at swimming still cos were fish, even though we have legs now, but there’s all the people from the first half also in the lake swimming.
Starts raining once everyone leaves and I get the lake to myself in the rain, and it looks so pretty and nice and relaxing.

very Tempurature

Augh awful. The whole dream was just me freaking out about the weather. It was a nice day, sunny, about 25°C. I was walking about town feeling like I should be wearing suncream.
But I was keeping track of the weather app, and later on in the week it was forcasted for about 60°C, which is hellish.
For the farenheit enjoyers here, thats 140°F.
I brought it up to a couple people, most seemed unbothered despite the immenent danger.
'we have air con its fine' no the fuck we dont?
Anyway I contined my general wandering around activities being a bit sweaty and a bit anxious, periodically checking the weather app.
At one point the number started increasing, I'm panicing, like 'Guys it now says its going to be 150°C (302°F). Thats not actually a survivable tempurature?!?'
'Nahhh its ok, we just have to stay out of direct sunlight lest we combust' ????? No? We will die?

Anyway yeah moral of the story is people are unconcerned with the impending heat death of the universe aka global warming Also that my duvet is probably to togged up for this time of year.

Stupid dream

I'm involved in the filming for some type of ice cream advert, which devolved into blowing up half the street it was being filmed on. I can’t remember specifically how but I do distinctly remember someone saying this exact phrase:

“Maybe if the Rick and Morty fans hadn’t put the uranium ‘r’ us in a presidential kidnap zone, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Another tragedy was that my room in the dream later on was painted in purple interlocking geometric shapes and it looked very tacky and irregular. Add a diagonal curtain pole across the room and an extra bed and you get the worst room design in history.
Actually, most of my dream was just me struggling to get dressed fast enough.

Circle Time

There was some sort of rat blood in makeup scandal that was happening in the background, but I was more focused on this window display with this really cool jacket that I kept almost stealing but deciding not to. I was in a circle group where each person would have a couple of minutes to perform something.... mostly Americans for some reason, one Scottish person. Most people just talked about stuff to preselected music, some people rapped, there was this one dude who couldn’t speak who had a translator with him, but instead of him doing the sign language and the translator tells us what he said, the translator would read his mind and translate it into ASL (specifically ASL not BSL)

Angel baby hunt

I was an angel
The angel was one of my friends, let’s call her Athena, she has a load of god children. One of her babies she put up to adoption by giving to a stranger who then gave it up to adoption. After she did this she told me, I was like “you gave one of your god children away? You’re not worried about the superpowers the child will probably start displaying?” She hadn’t thought of that and is now like “o shit” the dream consists of us trying to hunt down this baby, while avoiding the police that were for some reason tracking us down. Most of it was just trailing a lime green car, and I am reminded how much fun flying is, and how much it sucks when you can’t enjoy flying when you’re getting hunted down :/

Murder Clowns

The environment is a hotel next to a canal/river thing(very deep) next to a wood, next to a rocky cliff.
Fuckery is occurring. Namely the kraken in the canal, other monsters, dr who also appeared when we were in a submarine. Half of people are denying it, half the people are preparing for what’s gonna happen(even though no one really knows what’s gonna happen)
The canal has risen again, by about three feet, but it’s flooding some of the path next to it. It’s evening now and getting pretty hard to see, and then some sort of glitch ghosts were in the forest so I went onto the path.
We see a glowing whale in the distance, over the city, and running to see it
The whale is cool and glowy, and it’s in the sky
Got the bus back and saw clowns outside immediately getting ready to fight them.
Fighting off a battalion of clowns in the dark
Helping with arrests
I'm literally chasing after clowns with smashed glass bottles. They back down a bit.

Crewlarks first appearance

The first and most important part of this dream was that everything looked like one of those beautiful Minecraft texture mods, but irl. The mood of the dream was a lot like spirited away.
In a mansion place with a bunch of other people. We are wearing normal clothes. We don’t really know what we’re doing here. There’s the guy who kinda runs the mansion. He gives of villain vibes; he’s called Main guy. There’s another dude who gives off trickster vibes. His name is Crewlark or something. There are these paper birds that fly around the place. They are origami but seem to have a mind of their own. There’s another girl who is important for some reason. There’s a room full of Edwardian dresses. We’re all kinda just living our life in the mansion, and I didn’t notice this when I was in the dream, but we’re gradually going back in time. Everyone was starting to do their makeup paler, wearing the dresses, I asked someone why everyone was wearing the dresses and they said they just felt like it. Main continues to be creepy and over controlling, which is when everything goes to shit. I met a ghost, the ghost told me to run away from this place and avoid Crewlark. I’m like...”what” just continue on. Turns out Crewlark was listening in to the conversation, decides to tell Main. Main goes after me, in full pirate attire, btw. With a knife, thankfully I have my own knife, and a knife fight commences, somehow, the important girl gets stabbed instead of me, and is now bleeding out so I cauterise the wound with tongs from the fireplace.
The fireplace is also made of ice, btw.

Which is when Main starts harvesting our souls. That terminology wasn’t used in the dream but I hindsight that is exactly what he was doing. Don’t know why he had to reverse us all in time to do that. Also, I don’t know for sure, but I think the paper birds might be the souls. So at this point in the dream it turns out I was actually both the ghost and the important girl, and when we had the conversation The ghost had basically done the opposite of possess someone and steal their soul, so I, the important girl, that’s why she’s important, she’s literally me, I was just viewing her third person from the perspective of the ghost. Except I know I’m under the perspective of the ghost for the rest of the dream, as I put my/her soul back in my/her body and we actually get the fuck out of this place. We’re walking down the road, it’s actually a really nice place, I/she mentions that she forgot cars even existed, that being in the Modern world again is super jarring. We totally should have been running. Looking back again though it was fine because of some secret superpowers I/the ghost had. Basically, the ghost was a shadow person and as long as we were in shade Crewlark couldn’t find us, because btw, Crewlark is now hunting us down, and also, he had secret superpowers, he was air, so basically semi omnipresent, and whose physical form could fly. Yayyy :(.
We end up in a city centre. I think Main was trying to find us as well, but he sucks at it, so it doesn’t matter. Anyway, Crewlark is basically chasing me around the city, I think I end up on a roof of a museum/sky rise. Cos it’s old architecture but very very high up. It’s a really beautiful day, and we’re both a bit tired. So we call it a truce. Crewlark is actually quite a nice guy when he’s not chasing you around trying to steal your soul. He admits that’s what he was doing at first but ended up chasing cos it was fun, like a game of superpowers tig. I agreed. It was late afternoon. I woke up.

First dream

On a walk with mum, it’s really dark, I keep seeing kinda fantasy things in the distance, dragons, sprites, and such...

Hi! that was my first dream I wrote in my dream journal. I started because I love my dreams, and I wanted to remember them. Later I found out the benefits of drournals for lucid dreaming, which I'm also super interested in! win win.