TV Tropes

TV Tropes stesses me out i SWEAR TO GOD. Shit turns me into cinemasins like 'if it has a plot its cliche blehblehbleh'
But nah, great site, very handy at times, but I forget something being a 'trope' isnt always bad

Like, I have vampire characters. Its impossible to avoid *every* trope to do with vampires without them... ceasing to be vamps
(and then if i make them too unique it goes into the 'our vampires are different' which is somehow even worse)

ANYWAY... is there a *name* for the trope that its like, a book about a writer or books, like inheart, or an indie film about indie actors like the calleb gallo thing, or an anime about making an anime like keep your hands off eizouken.
like it makes sense, its like a self inset meta theming, obs someones gonna wanna create based on their passions and if their passion is writing like theres gonna be media they make that they can relate to! I just noticed it happens quite a lot, its kinda cute pff


totes forgor how to html in this time yipee ;_;
other than that wtf have i been doing. Started 3rd yr so p busy w/ work, getting adhd diagnosos pog. or at least trying to but i keep forgetting to book appointments.
bit of comic drawing? almost done wit next chapter but I REALLY want to be finishing the reboot
Oh I was listening to a bunch of Mag & Nuncs* so I rated them here are my top 5

1. Howells- sounds like the most dramatic scene of a fantasy movie like lotr or some shit the DRUMS? especially 'as it has been it begining now and ever shall be WORLD W/O END! AMEN!! GOES OFF HOLYSHIT

2. Sumsion in G- calm

3. stanford in B-flat- Peppy, upbeat. classic. shall call me blessed bit is fab

4. stanford in G- Soprano solo with the fuckin high high notes. boring to sing as a non-soloist. so many high notes chill out

5. Dyson in F- sounds hymn-y. chilled and flutey

Look I'm not christian or religious but mag and nuncs are good okay.
* Thats 'Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis' for ppl who have no fuckin clue what im talking about, that probs includes a lot of christians too. Its a set of lyrics that a bunch of composers do arrangements for, and choirs sing them in evensongs and stuff, like an anthem but more structured.
Honestly, even if youre not religious, if you live anywhere near a cathedral, I so recommend sitting in for an evensong. You dont have to join in, but its a nice time. Free concert. Acoustics where you can feel the singing, In a super cool looking building. Bring a sketchbook if you want.

Rain categorisation method

So I have developed a rain categorisation method because official rain mesuring systems actually require measuring, which would ruin the vibes of my aesthetique walks. So, I have put together a Vibe-based system that lets me think about the rain slightly more than I need to, because rain is my favourite thing and I need an autism diagnosis.
Here it is
Parhelichors Vibe Based Rain Categorisation system.
Or ‘PVBRCS’, if you want an easy to remember acronym that really rolls off the tongue.
light, scattered rain.
Barely noticable.
Usually found when its about to let up.
2a 3a
Misty rain,
the type where you think its light but soaks you instantly
2a 2b
Average rain.
The type that sustains over a long period of time.
big droplets, spaced far apart.
Most annoying type Youre probably standing under a tree
2c 3c
Heaviest rain
Type of rain that makes you think 'why am I even bothering to wear a coat?'

1-3 defines density of rain.
a-c defines the size of raindrops.
X is ‘varying raindrop size’.
Y is ‘varying density’.
Both are usually caused by strong wind.
Congratulations! You may now use this information to do absolutley nothing with. This information is functionally useless.
I personally just use it to look outside and go 'Hmmm ah yes. Type 2b. Effervescent'


Me and the Lads have been Observing the bears (Swircle in for the kill, etc) The Bears! of Katmai national park. Free Bears! on the Interwebs for ye to gaze upon for free. Which is absolutly wonderful and i DO reccomend. you can watch them with me here at HOT SINGLE BEAR LIVECAMS

If you like you can even do bear related activities while watching the bears such as eating salmon and listening to Black Bear by Black Bear which is about Black bears and wishing you were a black bear. Which, if we're getting technical, isnt the right flavour of bear as the katmai ones. They're brown bears, but the sentiment is the same.

Now I just have to wait till October for Fat Bear Week, which will be a nice pre-birthday treat for me.

EDIT: Woaj!! salmon run has finally arrived, and the bears are scranning all thems fish. Theyre so cool. My fave is Grazer.

Free Range Image 1

Ha right ok i just wanna share thses images Ive been collecting, I call them free range because they were found either in the wild (IRL) or on, google images or suchlike. Non memetified.

mmm.. Meat Thalidomide, that was a fun thing to find in the menu of a local resturant. Thalidomide, for people who arent aware, was a drug marketed for morning sickness that consequently caused birth defects in the babies. Horrible stuff, wouldnt personally want it for dinner

Dungeon meshi

AGH I've just binged dungeon meshi in about 3 days and im obsessedddd it’s so good. The art is so good I just wanna chew on it. I can feel my own art get better through osmosis.
Huge Laios fan (laois? laius? who knows) because he’s such a freak. And the food looks so good, Im a vegetarian(ish) but I would eat a dragon. If given the chance. Like if someone’s trying to kill and eat me first its fair game, right?
Anyways, mad recommend a read, The characters are so fun and I was not expecting the worldbuilding to be that in-depth for what I thought was a funny slice of life ish cooking manga.

Post 1

First post! exited to be here. I think im going to use this space in the same way one would tweet,, or tungle.hell textpost. blog shit. Ill fill up the rest of the posts eventually but for now im just using them as placeholder...I think i have a cavity..