A group of friends deal with the aftermath of a tragic demon summoning accident



Ok first blogpost for specifically AMBOM stuff. Thats 'A Bestiary Of Mortals' for people who know it from the 'smallseeing' extra
Lots of changes to be made in the reboot. Firstly, why am I rebooting in the first place? Theres a couple reasons.

1.) Artstyle updates. I KNOW. OKAY. FOLLY OF COMIC ARTISTS EVERYWHERE. And I know the advice too! never restart for better art becuase youll always get stuck in the cycle of redrawing and redrawing !!!! If this was the only reason, Id just clean a couple panels up instead.

2.) I am changing and removing substantial sections of the LORE, namely, the whole concept of 'smallseeing', hence the name change. It was a plot element used to patch up what I thought was a plot hole- Fantasy elements in a realism setting. Its not a plot hole, its a cool vibe. I was being influenced by books like percy jackson, harry potter, skullduggery pleseant, etc, that always a have a secret magic society, I thought I needed one too, I know better now.

3.) Tiny other changes. Couple characters names (Imo-> Bea), Hairstyles (oddly enough, was something I keeped changing in all the main characters) and little bits of dialogue that I HATE. Gonna try and do a bit more 'show dont tell' for the vampire stuff, as I realised Cas and the other vamps are going to be around the whole time! we're going to *see* the symptoms in action, I dont need him to explain them! Instead I need to explain wtf is going on with Leah better.