Anime Inspo

Sucking up my art style through osmosis of my favourite internet artists/ media I've watched, real life observations, etc.

Starting off with what I shall dub 'precariously dubious 2000's anime' on account of the general mysterious ethical choices that make suggesting the show to a friend slightly difficult. Like you have to say 'yes its really good apart from the incest/nonces/fan-servicey bits' and its just a tad suspect.

Starting off with Ouran high school host club! wonderful anime (apart from the ...yeah) but I distinctly remember drawing the characters back when I was like, 10/11. Love the intro art especially.
Tokyo ghoul, really liked it earlier on, not super arsed now. I do not, nor have I ever, particularly cared for the anime artstyle. Cover art on the manga actually kills though.
Soul eater! never finished it, I like the noses. Intro slaps. Somehow managed to get at least 5 of my classmates into it back when I was 12 out of pure lack of awareness of social skills. Like proper normal people classmates. Actually because one of them saw my bag had weeb shit on and I legally had to correct her pronunciation of the word 'anime', the next day she told me she had googled it and watched some random harem anime. Anyway. Dark dark times.
Last on the dubious anime list is FLCL, most dubious of them all. But the animation is so very nice to look at and the robot guy is so very gender that I do not care, actually.

Internet artists Inspo

I love the colours and the textures, how theyre all just from intresting brush methods rather than photo textures or actual brushes. Really cool. Also their fantasy creature designs are also very very intresting and appealing.

An artist whos art is so messy and kinda visceral sometimes, but really nice lineart and anatomy that it just looks so appealing. I dont know how to describe it well but I like how well they can make the limbs look like cylinders. They draw mostly homestuck, which I can respect because im not annoying.

AGGHHH ANGELS i love they style and theyre so good at it and the colours and the baroque and rennaisance-y influences are so yummy. Mixed with the unconventional colours to shade and highlight with, using blues and stuff in bouncelight. Yeah I grew up looking at a lot of art in churches and cathedrals and suchlike, and while I do not vibe with the whole organised religion stuff, they did go off with the aesthetics.